Vaccine, medical care: what the first day in Brazil was like for returnees from Gaza

Brazilians and their family members repatriated from the Gaza Strip spent this Tuesday (14) their first day on Brazilian soil. The returnees stayed in accommodation at the airbase, where they were cared for by social, medical and psychological workers.

The returnees spent the day at the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) transit hotel, located inside the Brasilia Air Base.

They were allocated ten rooms, equipped with beds, a television and food. In addition, they were also able to take advantage of an outdoor space to gradually resume their routine on Brazilian soil.

To enable Palestinians and Brazilians saved from war to participate in government social programs, 10 individual taxpayer registrations (CPFs) were issued. In addition to all the support from healthcare professionals, the returnees were also vaccinated.

Feeling of relief

Shahed Al-Albanna, one of those rescued from the Gaza Strip, reports that upon his arrival in Brazil he felt a sense of relief. “Now I am in Brazil, everything is fine, I can stay calm and safe,” reported the young woman.

Even though she is safe on Brazilian soil, Shahed is concerned about the people left in the conflict zone. “I think now of the rest of the Brazilians and my family who are still in the Gaza Strip. Only when they leave will I be able to think about my future and share my happiness with them,” the girl said.

On Wednesday (15), the group must leave the federal capital. Two people go to Florianópolis. The remaining 26 will travel to São Paulo aboard a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane, and 14 of them will stay in a shelter inside the capital. According to the government, the shelters were already supervised by the Ministry of Justice.

The National Secretary of Justice, Augusto Arruda Botelho, guaranteed that the government would closely monitor the people who would be accommodated at the shelter. “The Department of Justice and all the departments that are part of this task force will monitor every step of this group. This entire trip will be accompanied by technicians from the Ministry of Health and international agencies of the United Nations,” said Botelho.

They arrived at the air base in the federal capital on Monday evening (13). President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) went there to welcome the citizens, who waited more than three weeks before obtaining permission to leave the enclave affected by the war between Israel and Hamas.

Second list

A day after the arrival of the 32 Brazilians and Palestinians in Brazil, Itamaraty is already beginning to plan an attempt to repatriate a second group, of around 40 people. This group includes Brazilians and some of their Palestinian relatives. The first contacts with the authorities in the conflict zones will aim to find out whether it will be possible to accept new repatriation requests.

The diplomatic team also began planning the next steps to “properly guide” the embassies involved in the negotiations. According to government sources, it is first necessary to know whether new requests will be accepted; Then the confirmation of the list begins and the document can then be sent to the authorities.

The list of new names has not yet been sent to Itamaraty.

Itamaraty members reported to the analyst at CNN Jussara Soares says a new repatriation of Brazilians and their family members to the Gaza Strip will not be easy or quick. Diplomatic sources also say that of the 7,000 foreigners in Gaza, only half have left the conflict zone in the past two weeks.