Vlavonou offers a solution to fight terrorism: La Nouvelle Tribune

Terrorism is a phenomenon that affects several West African countries. Lluís Vlavonoupresident of the National Assembly of Benin, launched an appeal to the countries of the subregion in a statement made on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. On the occasion of the opening of the second ordinary session of the year 2023, the president of the Parliament of Benin recommended a “close collaboration between affected West African countries” through terrorism to solve this problem. According to the head of Parliament, what used to be a phenomenon specific to the north of evilabout ten years ago, it gradually spread, even affecting coastal countries such as Benin.

The affected countries must join hands

However, the problem has not been resolved despite efforts, including sending military contingents under the mandate of the United Nations to come to Mali’s aid. This state of affairs therefore prompts the Speaker of the Parliament of Benin to say that all collective efforts have failed “contain, even less, neutralize” terrorism Therefore, he concludes that the lesson to be learned from this experience is that the affected countries must unite to defeat terrorism.

According to him, as long as terrorism persists in one of the countries of the subregion, it remains a threat to all. Therefore, it is necessary “establish close collaboration between all the states involved to be able to effectively lead the fight against this scourge which is and must remain the highest priority”. As a reminder, Louis Vlavonou had justified the high cost of living, mainly through terrorism.

On the set of the show Sunday interview of April 3, 2022, the head of the Parliament declared that the first two reasons are the Covid-19 pandemic that was spreading around the world and the war between Russia and Ukraine: “I wanted to give only two elements, but there is another element that is added to these, and that is terrorism”.