Waack: the government of the IRS

The President of the Republic and some of his main ministers met today with some of the main parliamentarians from the government base in Congress.

Lula had only one message for parliamentarians: immediately approve everything the government needs to increase tax collection.

In fact, the message was not transmitted to deputies, senators, ministers. The message has been sent to all of us who pay taxes.

Prepare your pockets, because the government is dominated by a fundraising campaign whose intensity is inversely proportional to the lack of money. The government thought it could raise an additional 168 billion reais by next year.

But next year is fast approaching, but there are no billions left to close the accounts.

The government prefers to blame the hole:

  • in the judicial system, which generated expenses,
  • and in Congress, which is slow to approve issues increasing tax collection.

In fact, the Lula III government fell into the trap it created when it decided to manage public accounts with an emphasis on revenues and not on reducing expenditures.

Anyone who has done the accounting knows that the government can control spending when it wants, but it has much less control over revenue. Today, all politics boils down to this: raising money.