when Ukraine faces Russia on the continent – La Nouvelle Tribune

theAfricaa continent with many facets, is today the scene of an indirect confrontation betweenUkraine and the Russia. This geopolitical rivalry, normally centered in Eastern Europe, takes on a new dimension in Africa. Ukraine, in response to the Russian presence, in particular that of the mercenary group Wagnerdeploys its own special forces and strengthens its intelligence activities on African soil.

Ukraine’s stepped-up activities in Africa are part of a broader strategy aimed at countering Russian influence on the continent. This geopolitical maneuver is particularly evident in Sudan, where Ukrainian special forces were reported. Its presence, confirmed by Ukrainian sources on the Le Monde website, indicates Kiev’s desire to establish itself in strategic areas where Russian interests predominate.

The implications of this Ukrainian presence in Africa go beyond military operations. They reflect an attempt by Kiev to interfere in the African political arena, an area long dominated by its current rival, Russia. Indeed, political influence in Africa is crucial in today’s context, where votes within international bodies, such as the UN, are often decisive.

Ukraine does not only deploy special forces. It also aims to establish economic and military partnerships in Africa, notably by opening new embassies. This strategy aims to reduce the gap with Russia, which historically has an advantage in relations with African countries.

This Ukrainian foray into Africa is not without its challenges. Ukraine, faced with budget constraints and the need to concentrate its resources on its own territory, faces a great Russian influence. The latter manifests itself through a strong diplomatic presence, media initiatives and an extensive cultural network, especially through organizations such as Rossotrudnichestvo.

Ukraine’s rise to power in Africa illustrates a new stage in its confrontation with Russia. While this strategy is ambitious, it raises questions about its long-term viability. Ukraine must tread carefully to establish its presence on a continent where Russia has already forged deep political and economic ties.