With boos and attempted invasions, Botafogo’s game ends chaotically; look

The 4-3 defeat against Grêmio in São Januário had dramatic consequences for Botafogo. The end of the match was marked by boos, insults and attempts to invade the pitch.

After Luis Suárez’s three goals, Lucas Perri, Di Plácido, Marçal and Cuesta began to be booed by the 17,000 fans present.

As the match drew to a close, insults towards coach Lucio Flavio and cries of “shameless team” began.

After the defeat, Botafogo fans clashed with security guards in São Januário.

At the end of the match, a group of supporters forced entry through one of the gates, but the attempted invasion was contained by the military police, who acted in other areas of confusion.

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