Yes, school violence is a problem for parents

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He who is used to being so hot, this time he put on white gloves up to his elbows.

The message was no less clear.

“We are primarily responsible for the education of children,” declared Bernard Drainville as he presented his plan to combat violence in schools.

The fact that the minister is forced to point out that education begins at home speaks volumes for the state of our society.

Indeed, we can collect data, train school staff, deploy specialized teams, launch advertising campaigns, the scourge of violence in schools will never be contained if parents do not feel challenged.

Sad example

“We are part of the solution,” he added.

I might have added that many parents are part of the problem. Let’s just say it was implied.

When parents insult the secretary, insult the teacher, threaten the principal, is it surprising that the students end up imitating them?

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Parents who scream their anger in front of the hockey game, those who attack the referees in football, etc., are unfortunately a very bad example for their children.

These parents are part of the problem, but it doesn’t stop there.


Are we asking too much of the school? Bernard Drainville half-heartedly admits this.

This is the great taboo of the education system, suppressed for too long.

The lack of commitment of some parents overburdens the school system. Because everything that isn’t taught around the dinner table ends up back in the schoolyard.

Teachers manage rather than teach.

What happened, what social change took place for the school to absorb and take responsibility for everything?

Parents believed in the virtues of unfettered education. They delegated the dirty work to the school.

  • Listen to the Latraverse-Abdelfadel political meeting with Emmanuelle Latraverse via Radio QUB :

Then he wanted to train citizens. With the excesses of our time, it was necessary to free the teachers from the burden of being judged too harshly.

And now, no one dares to exercise the necessary authority.

Should we be more coercive in the face of violence and intimidation? The minister lets the school teams decide. Objectively, to ask the question is to answer it.


Because it is not only violence that must be combated.

There is indifference, fear.

For a bully, how many other students look on, uncomfortable, taunting, pushing, even hitting the bully of the moment?

Talk to your child about them, they will tell you there are many.

These kids are not monsters. They could not do otherwise. Finally, until the day when all, I mean all, parents do their jobs.

Because it takes courage to be the only student who dares to say: “Enough is enough! Leave him alone!”

But what if there were two, three, five, seven, ten to intervene? If many people had the courage to speak out against violence, things could change.

And regardless of action plans, ministerial directives, this courage, which requires tapping into the very essence of the soul, this courage, can only come from mother and father.