Zelensky invites Trump to a special program, here’s why: La Nouvelle Tribune

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky recently made a surprising proposal to the former American president, donald trump, in response to his claims that he could end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in just 24 hours if re-elected. During an American political program on NBC, Zelensky guest trump come to Ukraine for a lesson in wartime diplomacy. He stated: ” Former President Trump says he can handle it in 24 hours and end the war. What can I answer? He is also welcome.

The Ukrainian president went on to say that it would only take ” 24 minutes, yes 24 minutes, no more » to explain trump why can’t he solve the situation in Ukraine in such a short time. This bold invitation from Zelensky occurs later trump he publicly expressed his confidence in his ability to end the Russian invasion. This provokes a debate about the relevance of these statements in the context of such a complex geopolitical crisis.

Zelensky also recalled the responsibility of the Russian president, Vladimir Putinat the outbreak of the offensive in Ukraine in February 2022. This war has caused suffering on each side, and relations between Russia and Ukraine remain strained despite diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful solution.

It is interesting to note that the American president Joe Biden he visited Ukraine earlier this year, a few days before the first anniversary of the Russian offensive. This symbolic visit reinforced US support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. Also, conservative candidates in the US presidential election, such as Chris Christie and former vice president mike pencehe also visited Ukraine, showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

However, despite these visits and declarations of support, Zelensky he clarified that he had no contact donald trump since the latter left the White House in 2021. Asked about the position of trump regarding Ukraine, Zelensky expressed doubts, stating: ” I really do not know. I hope so, it doesn’t just depend institutionally on the president. I think it depends on the opinion of Americans, on our society.